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Chums, Incorporated

Raleigh Chapter  - Chartered  1962
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The yellow tea rose is our official flower, because for Chums the yellow symbolizes "brightness" and the green symbolizes "awakening." 

Since 1962, the Raleigh Chapter of Chums, Incorporated has devoted itself to the betterment of social, civic, and cultural relationship in their communities. Our Chapter has addressed its community work through significant contributions to agencies and organization that support education, social, physical, and spiritual development of families and youth.  We partnered with:

  • Fuller Elementary School 

  • Southeastern Adult Day Program  

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Heart Health Month

  • STEM Projects



It's long past the time to dream about equality and equity for our future generations; it's time to act. Chums partners with outside organizations to effect positive change in our communities for change in one community creates change in every community.

Online Class

Raleigh Chums Chapter History

Our Work

CHUMS women invest their time and use their influence to make our communities and society better places to live as a whole, by listening to our children and doing our part to enrich their lives. 

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