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Chums, Incorporated

Raleigh Chapter  - Chartered  1962



A good archer is not known by his arrow but his Aim.

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The CHUMS organization promotes civic, cultural, educational, and social improvement. An ancillary focus is to enrich the lives of children by them to develop to their fullest intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and social potential. 

Although the name is not an acronym in later years each of letters has been given its own meaning.

C - Character and charm we strive to attain. 
H - Honesty and humility are always our aim. 
U - Understanding and unselfishness we exhibit each day. 
M - Modesty and moderation light our pathway

Kids in Vegetable Farm

but there's a problem!

Chums establish relationships with schools, churches, child care services.  We partner with various organizations to identify the needs of children and leverage our efforts to remove distractions that keep them from focusing on school. We look to increase their confidence levels and assist them to develop strong relationships with their parents and family. We have projects that address children’s social skills and future educational needs, especially with the STEM programs.  

THE PROBLEM:  All too often children become invisible to the system and outside help is needed.  

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